One of the ways that you can speed up your workflow in Affinity Publisher is by using Assets. Assets are things that you can save that you reuse all the time.

Assets are perfect if you’re creating things like journals planners, or printables where you have certain elements that you use over and over again.

Once you have an Asset saved, you can import it by just dragging it from the Assets window into your document.

Where do you find the Assets window?

Go to View, Studio and click Assets. That pops up the Assets window.

Now you can drag out any assets onto your document. In my example I have created some journal lines, and a set of gray checkboxes that are spaced the same distance as my lines.

I drag both out, and in a few seconds I have a checklist.

Now that you know how awesomely time-saving Assets can be, how can you make your own?
Don’t worry, it’s incredibly easy.

How to Create an Asset:

In the Assets window, I am going to go to the very top window and click Create New Category.

The software is going to give it a very generic name but let’s rename it to something more useful.

Click on that hamburger menu again and Rename the Category. Let’s call this Demo Assets and click okay.

Now let’s create our thing that we want to save. In my video example above, I created a simple checklist and boxes with shapes.

Now let’s save it as an asset:

First let’s take a quick detour into how not to save it.

Select over all of the shapes that make up the checklist. And in the lower hamburger menu, under our category that we created, I’m going to Add from Selection. Now, what just happened? We’ve got five ellipses and five rectangles that got added.

So let’s go ahead and just delete these and it deleted my whole category there. So I’m going to add back that category that I just deleted and let’s try again.

Note: To delete a single asset instead of the whole category, right click the asset and click Delete Asset.

So I’m all selected here. I can group all of this together. and now I can select the whole group and Add from Selection. And now I have got it as a single entity here.

So the other thing you could do is you could group all your circles together, all your lines together and add them as separate assets, similar to the list example I showed you at the beginning of the video.

Label your Assets

So now I can also rename my asset. They can be a bit hard to see on the dark background. You could switch your interface to light mode, or just label them.

To label them:

Right-click on the asset and Rename the Asset and we’ll call it Large Checklist.

And anytime you want a large checklist, you just pull it into your document. So if you’ve got things that you find yourself creating over and over again, save them as assets, and then you will have them available to you anytime you want to add them to your document.

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