With back to school season in full swing, now is a great time to be thinking about kids printable worksheets. Whether you are creating these to sell, or are a parent wanting to make your own, let me show you how to create a printable to help kids learn their numbers from one to one-hundred.

This screenshot from KWFinder shows that the keyword “printable number chart 1 100” has over 2000 monthly searches. When clicking through the top results, all of the worksheets are a simple table with numbers 1-100.

Let’s see how we can create this in Affinity Publisher. Or if you prefer, see how you can create a Numbers 1-100 Printable in Powerpoint (tutorial coming soon).

This Affinity Publisher tutorial is beginner friendly, but I do assume you know how to create a new document.

Create a New Table

Select the Table tool in the left toolbar. Drag out a table of any size.

Click the arrows at the end of the top gray row and change the number to 10. Press enter.

Click on the arrows at the bottom of the left gray column and change the number to 10. Press enter.

Select the entire table by left click (and hold) and dragging your mouse across the entire top gray row.

You can alternatively select and drag across the left gray column. All cells should be selected as in the image.

Change the Cell Size

Open the Table options window. You can use the icon (shown with orange square around it) from the contextual toolbar, or from the menu Window–>Table–>Table.

Change the cell size in the Cell section of the Table window (highlighted in yellow). I used .6 in x .6 in.

Quick Numbering

Switch to the move tool and reposition your table on the page wherever you would like it.

Open the Paragraph window. Find this in the menu under Windows–> Text–> Paragraph.

Look for the section in the Paragraph window that says Bullets and Numbering.

Under Bullets and Numbering, under Type, select 1,2,3,4

This will default to create numbers like this: 1.

We don’t want that period after our numbers.

In the box labeled text, delete everything and then from the drop down select:

Level 1 \1

In the top contextual toolbar, with your table still selected, choose center justification both horizontally and vertically.

Add your Decorations

You are all done! But, we can take this a little further.

First, add a title for your page using the Text tool.

Next, add your branding and any other decorative elements you want. I am creating this as PLR so I am leaving it unbranded

Create Worksheet Pages

This printable is great for studying the numbers, but we learn best by implementing, so let’s create a worksheet from this.

To create a variation, we can duplicate the page and only give some of the numbers.

In the Pages window (Window–> Pages) right click on the thumbnail of the page and duplicate.

Double click on the duplicated page to make it the one you are actively working on.

Clear the numbers by going back to Bullets and Numbering in the Paragraph window and in Type, select No List.

Now you can add back in selected numbers manually. Don’t worry, this only takes a few minutes!

You can also duplicate one more page and clear all the numbers. If you have manually entered numbers, just select the whole table and press delete. Now you have just a blank table where kids can fill in all the numbers themselves.