This week’s niche idea starts with a topic, gratitude, and we will look at three different product types that would work for the topic of gratitude.

The most obvious is a journal. These have been very popular because they sell and they are simple to make.

If you are making these for KDP, I would look at differentiating. You can create a prompt journal, or a “three things per day” layout, or create pages to list everything a person is grateful for (possibly arranged by topics like what about my partner, my kids, my job, etc. am I grateful for).

Some people practice their gratitude journaling first thing in the morning, or before going to bed so that would be another angle.

Finally, consider audience modifiers: for moms, teens, dads, etc. This gives you an opportunity to create unique covers that don’t look like all the rest. For example, not to stereotype, but men may not want a gratitude journal with a floral wreath on it.

The next product could be prompt cards. This could be a physical deck of cards that you get printed, a print on demand set of cards, or a printable set that the customer prints and cuts themselves.

Aside from journaling prompts, you could create card decks with affirmations relating to gratitude, or quotes related to gratitude or thankfulness. These could be general quotes, or spiritual quotes. Be sure to check for copyright and always attribute quotes to their original author if known.

The final idea is to create challenges. Sometimes starting a gratitude practice is like establishing a new habit–it takes some time to get consistent. Gamifying it can help people stick with it. We all love to prove that we can do it, if only to ourselves.

A 30 day challenge would take a little more effort but also would be harder for people to copy. You could create an email series to go with it. Offer the challenge as a lead magnet and then sell related products along the way.

Several PLR providers have pre-written gratitude content that could be a starting point for your email series.

For printables, you could gamify this by creating a bingo card, or even just a one month calendar. Perhaps each square has something fun to color in when your daily goal is reached.

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