Free Mini Course on Building A low content book business

This mini-course is designed to help you build a publishing business based on easy to create book types. Low content publishing goes way beyond just journals and notebooks.

I will give you an overview of the four main steps:

  • Finding ideas for books and types of books
  • Design options for creating your books
  • How and where to publish your book
  • Marketing your book

The first lesson is an introduction to the types of books you can create. All of these book types contain anywhere from zero-25,000 words or so and can be created in a couple hours to a few weeks.  That is way quicker than writing a novel.

Contrary to what some say, taking the time to produce quality books will be better long term than uploading dozens of books per day. 

Part 1: Ideas and Types of Books

Video 1: Introduction to the types of low content books.

Video 2: Finding topic and niche ideas for your books.

Video 3: No Content Book Ideas

Video 4: Low Content Book Ideas

Video 5: Medium Content Book Ideas

Note: A 16,000 word manuscript creates approximately a 57 page print book in 6 x 9 size. The minimum page count for a KDP print book is 24 pages. You should be able to safely create a print version from any book over 10,000 words at that trim size or similar.

The link mentioned in the video is:

Assignment: Think about what types of books you would like to create. In particular, what could you see yourself doing long term? If you pick something that is not enjoyable to you and you can’t afford to outsource the work, you will have a hard time sticking it out long enough to gain some traction. 

What type of book you create is a consideration as we move to the next step, design and layout, because some types of books will be better suited to the various software we will explore.