In this week’s niche idea, we will look at different kinds of vehicle logs you can make. This sort of log can be made as a printable or a KDP (print on demand) book. Or, do both!

The first idea is a general vehicle maintenance log. These pages would track things like oil changes, filter replacements, and other regular maintenance. You could also track repairs made. Another useful thing to track would be tire changes and rotations.

Your user here would be any vehicle owner. So what else might a car owner want to keep records of? Car loan payments? Insurance premiums and due dates? Gas mileage?

For the second variation, our end user might be the person who uses a car for business and needs to track deductible expenses. This person could be self-employed or they work for someone else and need to travel a lot. An example might be a district sales manager or a truck driver.

To create this, familiarize yourself with what kinds of vehicle expenses can be deducted in your country.

Someone working for a company may be reimbursed for their gas, or be compensated based on mileage (which pays a flat rate per mile that includes an allowance for gas), so there should be space to track both.

For a book, include both. For a printable set, you could create one log based on mileage and another based on gas.

The final variation is a new driver log. People learning to drive sometimes need to keep track of the time spent driving, and some may have requirements for a certain number of night time hours.

You could create a whole series of these by investigating the requirements in different states, provinces, or countries and create a book specific to each location.

This would also be an opportunity to add a little content by creating a check list of requirements for licensure. These may be different depending on age, whether you have taken a course, or whether you are moving from another location.

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