Have you ever wanted to create a slideshow video but your pictures are all in portrait orientation? Or maybe your photos are in landscape and you want to create a short social video like a TikTok or Instagram reel.

If so, you may have encountered the issue of a tedious process of cropping and re-sizing them to be the correct size. Now, some video editing apps allow you to do this, but let’s say you want to do it in advance?

Affinity Publisher to the rescue. The process described below will get your photos into a document quickly, and then you can make quick adjustments to positioning and scale, and in minutes you are ready to export your newly cropped photos.

Watch the video tutorial, or if you prefer to just read through the steps with screenshots, scroll below.

Since there were a lot of screenshots, scroll through the galleries of each section and see the steps in the captions.

Step 1 & 2: Set Up Your Document

Step 3-8 Setting up your pages

Step 9-11 Place your images in bulk

Step 12-14 Make adjustments & export

All in all, I was able to edit 10 photos in just a minute or two. If you make these sorts of slideshow videos often, you may want to save your text frames setup (before you import your images) as a template so that you can come back to this file and skip the setup and go straight to placing your images.

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